CS 311 Success Story - Mass Change

Ready for a Mass Change within 24 hours

On 22 December 2015, we received an e-mail from the canton of Basel (Switzerland) asking for a fast solution for a mass change of up to 1000 relationships between business partners and real estate objects. A mere 24 hours later, on 23 December 2015, the canton of Basel successfully performed the mass change for 

itself. That means that the presentation, ordering, installation, parametrization and production run were completed within 24 hours. How could all that be achieved so quickly? The canton of Basel decided to use our CS 311 Add-On, a solution that is ready for immediate use in mass changes of relationships between real estate objects and business partners. 

Like all Add-Ons from COS-33, CS 311 can be seamlessly installed in any SAP RE-FX instance. The clear documentation enables users to easily and efficiently perform their productive mass changes using report parameters. And what's more, the canton can now also use this solution for future mass changes to relationships between real estate objects and business partners.

L'avis du Canton de Bâle

... Did you expect such a fast solution ?
"We were amazed that a solution could be implemented and applied this quickly"
Christophe Schicklin, Controlling & Systems Supervisor, Basel (City) Real Estate

... How would you rate the quality of the CS 311 solution ?
"The solution fulfilled our requirements in every regard and saved us an enormous amount of manual work. The application is also very simple to use and affords a conveninet overview of the changes to business partners associated with real estate objects."
Christophe Schicklin, Controlling & Systems Supervisor, Basel (City) Real Estate

... Was the solution easy to install and parametrize ?
"The installation was very easy and efficient. We were able to successfully use the report immediately after importing the transport request"
Gerald Rauber, SAP CCC, Basel (City) Canton

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