CS 315 Success Story - Transfer of Real Estate Master Data

Customer Success story by NEINVER in Spain

Last year came to a close with some exciting news from one of our customers in Spain, NEINVER. All of their RE-FX data had to be transferred to a new company. To achieve this, NEINVER chose our solution, SAP RE-FX Add-On CS 315 Transfer of Real Estate Master Data, with marvelous results. Besides the RE-FX master data, the cash flow, the sales-based data (Reports and Settlements), and the condition's adjustments were copied, guarantying a smooth and simple transition to 

the new company.

Our warmest thanks for the confidence NEINVER has shown by installing our solution.

Customer Testimonials

"This Add-On is a helpful tool to copy REM master data and contracts from one company to another, quick, trustable and user friendly. An investment for saving time and resources!"
Maria Teresa Conzález Florez, Real Estate Management Coordinator
"COS-33 has the solution for our problems! Our SAP RE-FX platform has to be adapted to the actual fast changing Spanish Real Estate environment. COS-33 provided us with the tools we needed to have the changes done in our SAP. Serge has a deep knowledge in RE-FX and with his expertise and advise we were able to fulfill the needs of our business."
Victor Rojas López, SAP Application Manager .

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