CS 301 Success Story - Reporting

"All must be one to be beautiful” also true for your SAP RE FX rent roll reports!

Do you agree that this quote of Denis Diderot, a French philosopher from the 18th century, also applies to you rent roll requirements? Then you know SAP RE-FX users need to combine information from usage objects, contracts, vacancy, conditions, measurements, business partners, cash flow and FI-balances in ONE single view: watch video.
Our “Multidimensional Report CS301” follows exactly this approach! Join our worldwide customers (see testimonials) and 

experience the flexibility to create your data views “on the fly”. Do you want to learn more about this "install and ready-to-use” and SAP certified solution?

Watch our videos: the confirmation of your target or the tutorial. Or get the fact sheet, or even better, ask for a live presentation


Sabine "Property Management Company"
"Our customers have differing reporting requirements. By using the CS301 report, we can meet these requirements effortlessly and professionally.“

Christine "Government Administration"
"I am very happy that I can finally use the CS301 report. It facilitates my job a lot . Thank you very much.“

Lars "Services/Post"
"The report enables us to aggregate data from the entire module in one run. This saves time, because we don’t have to combine multiple reports and avoid the painful formatting in Excel. In addition, we appreciate the wide choice of selection parameters!"

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Your COS-33 team.



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Depuis plus de 25 ans, Serge Thuet, fondateur et directeur général de COS-33, développe des solutions destinées aux professionnels de l'immobilier. En 1997, il a créé la société COS-33, entièrement consacrée à SAP Real Estate Management. Partenaire SAP, COS-33 a créé 12 solutions dédiées à l'immobilier, dotées de fonctionnalités prêtes à l'emploi pour le reporting, l'automatisation des processus de gestion et les modifications de données en masse.